It’s been a while! Whoops! Been busy!  Finally finished my personal statement, fingers crossed it needs no adjusting! The first photo is one I took of my cat, on my lap. He looks a little shocked… The second and third are just me, pretty standard and boring! The last is the exciting one; did you know celebrations can come in a champagne bottle shaped box!? AND the bottle turns into a GLASS!! I was overly excited when my brother brought this back from his french exchange for me. I was so excited I took a photo. Yesterday I got another piercing, on my ear again. I shall take a photo when the swelling goes down and it stops spontaneously bleeding. Boy did it hurt! Jabs and an economics test tomorrow, not looking forward to getting up early for that! I had to go to school to sing in chapel this evening and I aqua-planed on the way, scary times. Hoping this week goes better than the last and fingers crossed assessments will break their trend of being abysmal and perhaps be slightly more encouraging this time?


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