Keira Profile

Marbles on Stairs

Nail Polish Rainbow



So again I left it too long without posting! Here are 4 recent photos I have taken however. The first is my cat Keira in profile. She is a long-haired tortoise shell and is quite moody but occasionally loves a cuddle. The second is Marbles taking a look up the stairs. Black cats are notoriously difficult to photograph and he is no different! The third has a lot of bokeh to blur the rainbow colours together as the line goes on. As you can see I have an excessive amount of nail varnish! The last is just of a tiara I bought in a vintage shop, I love it although have never had the chance to wear it I’m sure I can find an opportunity though! My photography, blogging and fashion are taking a back seat unfortunately as I prepare for my interview at the University of Essex on Wednesday. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently and have just had to buy a new engine for my 7 year old car. Sad times. On the plus side I should be back to driving next week! Again though, insurance is about to go up – another bombshell. Enjoyed a wonderful 18th party on Friday night and may put up a photo of my outfit soon? Meeting with my head of year tomorrow with all the September 2011 newbies to discuss our “progress and achievements in our time at this wonderful school”.


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