Black Wings

Blue Eyes

Looking Down


Red Hair in Profile

Black and White

Dark Shadows

Pale Colours

Bright Eyes


So quite a few photos today. The first seems a little out of place perhaps but I thought it was ever so sweet, it’s my cat Keira taking a nap on the living room carpet yesterday evening. The other photos are just of me and I felt creative and with a lack of muse I took photos of myself. I kinda liked my makeup today too. My eyelashes are looking quite long and thick today. My hair is looking especially red today. Just preparing for my interview tomorrow and I have just decided what to wear. Unfortunately my battery is now dead in my camera and I can’t be bothered to charge it yet. My engine arrived today, along with the blow that is the cost, and my first offer to Warwick of AAA so I’ve had an incredibly mixed day! Just about to paint my nails to match my outfit, how exciting! So looking forward to getting my car back soon, missing my baby loads! Just wanted to say a huge well done to my boyfriend Matt for taking his grade 8 piano today! Good luck babe on the results!


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