Envious Portrait

Feeling the Cold

Pink Through Blue

See Every Side of Me


So I decided to post some of my art coursework from a couple of years ago. I think it really showed how I felt back then quite a lot and often I realise how much I’ve changed and moved on in some ways and how scarily samish I am in others. So firstly my car is ready so yayy!! But anyway, here I have four pieces I drew. I prefer to work with one or a limited colour palette in an artwork. The first image is in green and is pensive. The second is blue and reflects cool and calm. Both of those are drawn in chalk pastels. The third is half oil pastels and half chalk pastels. It is between blue and pink colours and I did this one in a bit of a rush so it isn’t as good but still I quite like it. The last one was a compilation of pictures using different colours to show different faces and the black and white eyes in the middle to show that people only really see a monotone side of us, but actually there are many aspects. These were all drawn on A2 paper and they are all by me and of me. Hope you like them! More to follow hopefully!


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