Red Dress

Red Dress

Race Track

Black and White


A further 3 looks to catch up on! First is actually quite a old photo as you may be able to tell, my hair is shorter! It’s just a red cocktail dress which I bought in a New Look sale years ago, some New Look black heels which have now become my sometimes school shoes and a long black cardigan from Primark. I borrowed the parasol from my Mum and I’m not sure where she got it from! The second outfit I am wearing a plain white shirt from M&S, some plain black tights, some patent navy shoes with white detail, finally I made the skirt out of some leftover fabric which my Mum used to make my brother’s curtains! It’s a racing car and track print and I think it’s just a little bit different. The last outfit is quite simple with a plain white vest top from M&S and a black tube skirt from New Look. The tights I thought were something different with the stripes and they are from Primark. Finally the fur front boots are from M&S and my lovely boyfriend bought them for me for Christmas! They are super comfortable and despite being 4 inches I have worn them all day shopping and felt fine!

Back at school now and into mock exams, feeling stressed about that but I’m super excited for everything to be over really and to get on with things! Brin on the summer!


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