Where Them Girls At?

Send in the Boys






Next two catch up looks! First is more of a spring look really but I think I wore it when it was a bit warm considering the time of year? Anyway it’s a floral print tunic top which was my Mum’s and is from M&S. I wear a long white vest top underneath and black leggings from New Look to match with some cream quilted effect shoes with back detailing from Primark. I have worn these shoes almost to pieces I love them so much, I wish I’d bought another pair really! The denim jacket is from Next and was also originally my Mum’s. It’s a little big on me so I have rolled up the sleeves here and finally added brightly coloured bracelets from various shops.

In the second look I’m wearing a plain navy vest top from M&S, I think but you can get these anywhere anyway, and some large shorts from New Look. They’re dark green with blue sort of checks on them. I put on some barely black tights and my black boots from M&S as well as a cream cardigan with pink flowers on it. The cardigan is from F&F.

Next is some more nail varnish! This is another in the set I got in boots! I LOVE this colour right now; it’s so perfect for this time of year. It’s a deep pink in the light but quite purpley when the light isn’t on it. It’s from No7 and it’s called “Foxglove”.

The last two pictures are nothing interesting, just more pictures of me messing around with my camera really! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


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