So Simple



Yet another two looks to catch up on, I’ve been really busy with college all week and have barely had a moment to sit down to this! However a quick catch up again! First I’m wearing a plain white 3/4 sleeve shirt from M&S with a navy sparkly pencil skirt from Next and black tights with purple Carvela heels. Secondly I’m wearing a cream silk shirt from Boden with a daisy skirt from New Look, black tights and black heels with gold edging, also from New Look.

The other two photos show firstly a leather bracelet from Fat Face which is navy blue with white birds on and also another nail varnish in the second photo. It’s a beautiful nude colour called “So Simple” and it’s from No7. It does chip quite easily but it’s such a beautiful colour I would wear it again and again.


One thought on “18.1.13

  1. Greetings from Denmark.
    I’ve just found your blog – And I have to admit that I’m already helplessly in love with the intriguing intensity of your big beautiful eyes. In addition to being ‘love-at-first-sight’ -material, they also add depth and personality to each of your looks. When combined with the super-feminine and elegant looks of this post, we’re pretty darn close to perfection.
    You are gorgeous and sexy in the absolutely best possible way.
    Kisses and compliments.

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