Window Sill






It’s been SO cold here recently; my car said it was minus 9 on the way to school on Thursday. I came home early yesterday due to snow and just thought I’d show you a couple of snowy pictures I took! My window sill outside today now the snow has started to melt, some pretty red berries and greenery in the garden with a sprinkling of snow and finally; myself wrapped up in my red scarf/snood thing (I actually knitted this myself). It has not been a particularly exciting time recently except for the snow! Nothing notable has happened and to be honest the weather is more getting on my nerves than anything. I’m having to wrap up super warm, my car is skidding all over the road, parking is a NIGHTMARE, the roads are blocked, you have to walk/drive as slowly as possible, etc. etc. It is just a tedious time where drivers take silly risks because they have to go slowly and stuff. Can’t wait for exams to be over!


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