Snow Tree



Snow Girl


Today it continues to snow and so I took the day to revise at home instead of driving in at 10mph and coming home 10 minutes later again at 10mph when the school is shut or my mum decides I should come home. I have been less than brave with the snow and firstly took a photo out of my window. I then thought about it being cold and put my hood up to see if braving the cold might be ok. It turns out it was totally fine and I trotted about in the snow in our back garden with my camera for about 5 minutes happily skipping along before I got bored of taking photos of whiteness and myself and came back in again for further revision. Although I must say the snow really brings out the blue in my eyes… I am currently revising for my economics A2 exam tomorrow (eek!) and am NOT looking forward to it. I also have a dentists appointment because I broke a tooth… again. Hoping the rest of the day goes well and trying to learn microeconomic statistics. Hope you’re all well and enjoying the snow if you’re in the UK!



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