Blue Nails


Been a bit lazy recently and not a lot has happened at all so I’m sorry for the lack of posts there has honestly been nothing of interest to blog about sadly! However yesterday I found two of my cats snuggled up on the bed and thought it was ever so cute so took a photo! How is that for sibling love? ❤

Secondly I have a photo of myself with my lovely scarf thing which I didn’t find long enough but loved so decided would make a great headscarf! It’s gorgeous and floral and has pinks and browns etc etc and is just lovely!

Lastly I have a photo of my nail colour of this week which is the Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polish in “840 Blue Eyed Girl” and I wrote a little about this in my other blog so check that out here if you wish!

Finally, it’s my last week before half term at school and exams are finally over so I’m being set mega loads of work and it’s super stressful! I am also getting to grips with my instagram (finally) so if you would like then please check it out (@laurellelizabethh) Thanks! ❤


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