Few Flamingos


Feeding Swans


Enchanted Forest

It’s now the half-term holidays and I have an interview tomorrow at Bristol University for Computer Science and so we are staying with my Granny; who lives nearby. On the way to hers we stopped off at Slimbridge Wetlands and Wildlife Centre and it is basically loads and loads of birds. We stepped out and immediately saw the bright pinks and oranges of the flamingos. There were many groups of flamingos but I took a couple of photos of each group and these were the ones I got closest to. There are some really pale pink ones with black-tipped beaks and wings but there was one more orangey one who seemed to have lost the rest of his group! There were some beautiful pools for them to wade in and a shelter for worse weather. They make for a beautiful contrast against the greenery of our land. We also came across the swans fighting over seed. Bags of grain and seeds can be bought to feed the birds and it appears that everyone fed the swans! They were collected around a floor covered in the stuff! There was much noise and excitement constantly as they fed. They were not very impressed with the geese joining in either. I saw this duck with a blue beak fishing around in a muddy puddle having a great time. As I aimed my camera he decided to look up at me and I got the perfect photo. Lastly I have a slightly blurred photo of a pathway down to the Kingfisher Hide. I chose this one because it added to the effect of the “enchanted forest” look. I had an amazing time and it was a lovely day!


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