The only photos I took in Bristol sadly! I went to Bristol for an interview applicant day and sadly the weather was terrible! It was wet and rainy and just not very nice at all! However it is a beautiful city and I did take these few photos on my smaller camera, so sorry for the poorer quality! Firstly I have a picture of College Green and the college building (I’m not sure what it’s called?) and the other two are photos on this newish looking decking style area with a view out of the harbour in one direction and a little water feature in the other which I can imagine is beautiful in the summer! I really enjoyed my visit however and I loved seeing my Granny, we stayed with her as she lives nearby!

Valentines day was incredible also! When I arrived at Matt’s we decided we wanted to take a trip to Cambridge and went shopping for a couple of hours. We then got the park and ride back to the car park, followed by our drive home. Matt ordered a chinese while I got ready and we picked it up an hour later then came home to watch Pirates of the Caribbean; one of our favourite films! We had a lovely time with champagne and a quiet evening in. He also made me a beautiful heart-shaped chocolate cake and it was amazing. Such a wonderful day just between the two of us; how I think relationships should be! Sadly no photos I’m afraid but let me know what you did on valentine’s day too if you’d like! Hopefully a new video coming soon on YouTube too!

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