Travelling is rarely a stress-free activity and timing is on everyone’s minds as they go anywhere. Every journey has some time constraints on it. Today I am making the journey from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona. However, after cutting it perhaps a little too fine to reach my gate on time I arrived to find there was a 2 hour delay, which has been lengthening ever since.
I am currently sitting in semi comfortable airport seating watching people go by to get to their gates. I love seeing how people act in airports and you can see the regular business travellers wearing “smart-casual” jeans, trainers and a t-shirt with a jacket they don’t want put in the hold. At the other end there’s the new or first-time flyers rushing around looking anxious and slightly panicked, wearing the most comfortable clothes they could find. I’m not a regular flyer but I have flown a fair few times and find the experience like any other travelling experience but with duty free shops at the start.


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