Mint Jelly Flats
Mint Jelly Flats


When I was shopping a few weeks ago I saw these in several shops and remembered the childhood memories of these shoes. They were something that most of us lived in during the summemy Mum non-stop because I wanted a pink pair I had seen with heels and glitter, but I don’t think she ever gave in, which is probably just as well because they would have been totally impractical at that age.

Anyway I saw them and I had to get some, the nostalgia was getting the better of me. So I went on eBay and looked them up. I managed to get these mint-green flat ones for £8.99 and they are amazing. I bought them in a size 4 and they’re a little roomy because I have narrow feet in a size 3 1/2, but I decided to go for the 4 so I could wear them with socks too. They are amazingly comfortable and great for everyday wear. I don’t have a single regret about buying these shoes they are amazing and the pastel colour is really lovely and a little different to everything else I have. I love pastels for the spring/summer and just thought these were perfect.

I have been wearing them quite a lot and on the right you can see one of the outfits I have put together with these jelly shoes. It’s a really plain and simple outfit with black leggings and a slightly-oversized white jumper, white frilly socks and these jelly shoes to add a pop of colour. I think the combination of the socks and shoes really adds to the girly and cute look because it really reminds me of how I wore them as a child. This outfit is great for everyday wear; I wore this all day at uni, in and out of lectures and lab classes, so plenty of walking between the two campus’ at uni.

I have also worn these jellies with jeans; both with and without frilly socks, skirts and either no socks, frilly socks, tights or thigh-high socks. They really are perfect for everyday wear and I love them so much. They come in loads of different colours and I’m really considering getting some flat ones in black too. Also I got them for a great price and they arrived super quickly. They seem really durable because of the thick sole and also they have a slightly higher heel for comfort when walking. I would really recommend getting a pair of these for the spring, summer and maybe even autumn if you think you would wear them; definitely worthwhile.


Mint Jellies Worn with Frilly Socks and Leggings
Mint Jellies Worn with Frilly Socks and Leggings
Glitter Smoke-Grey Jelly Heels
Glitter Smoke-Grey Jelly Heels

These heeled ones look amazing and I bought them for £9.99 from the same seller as the flat ones. However they are more rigid than the flat ones and unfortunately this makes them a little uncomfortable when walking in them for long periods of time because of where they bend they dig into my toes a little after a while; which is fine for a bit but it gets a little painful later in the day. They do look amazing and I will still get plenty of wear out of them but perhaps just not asa much as I had hoped.

Below you can see one of the outfits I wore these jelly shoes with. Again, I am wearing them with frilly socks, but that adds to the look. It’s a girly and edgy look with a school-girl-like theme. I recently bought this tartan skirt and I absolutely love it. The skirt, socks, hair scrunchie and shoes remind me so much of my childhood and I just added in a baggy striped shirt to finish the look off. It’s a really cute look and good for most activities so long as they don’t have too much walking involved. It has also been great to finally get my legs out again – is spring finally here!?

Smoke-Grey-Glitter Heeled Jellies Worn with Frilly Socks and a Skirt
Smoke-Grey-Glitter Heeled Jellies Worn with Frilly Socks and a Skirt


Love xx

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