Makeup Bag: Ted Baker

Hey everyone! I am writing this blog post to go alongside my YouTube video about what’s in my makeup bag. If you haven’t seen it then check it out by going to my channel (the link is at the bottom). If you want to know what’s in my makeup bag, what I think about these products, and where they’re from then keep reading! 

** This is not all of my makeup it is just my everyday/recently used makeup. Also I have bought all of these products with my own money or been given as birthday or Christmas gifts by family or friends.**

Blush: Vivo – Peaches and Cream | Bronzer: Collection – Medium | Highlighter: Revolution – Peach Lights | Pressed Powder: Rimmel – 005 Natural Beige

Above is a picture of the powders I use either daily or frequently. I am much more of a bronzer user than a blush user but I like a light blush in the summer sometimes. 

Firstly the blush is an amazing colour. It is shimmering and gorgeous and just the right shade of pink for me as it complements my skin nicely. It is also quite sheer, but builds up nicely, so it is easy to get the opacity and strength of colour that you want.

The bronzer can prove a little difficult on top of cream or liquid products in my opinion; but as I don’t wear foundation I haven’t had too many issues. Also I have found that despite being pale, I still need medium because I have to put so many layers of the lighter one on to make it how I want, but the medium is just how I like it; but that’s probably just personal preference! Overall it is an amazing colour and works so well for me.

I bought this highlighter because I had a cream one but didn’t enjoy the feeling of it, so this is the first powder highlighter I have owned; and so far I’m loving it! It is beautifully iridescent and shimmery, but only when it catches the light, so you don’t look shiny all the time! I love the colour and the feel of the product but have found you have to be quite careful when applying it not to overdo it as it only needs a small amount.

This pressed powder is probably one you have heard about many times as so many people rave about it. I could talk for hours about how amazing it is, and for such a good price, but I won’t. I shall just at that it is the best by miles at doing its job and if you haven’t tried it already then you should; you’ll never look back.

Left to Right: Unknown| Powder: Models Own | Powder: Superdrug | Small Flat: Models Own | Pro11: Superdrug

There’s not much to say about brushes for me and I’m more of the opinion that if it does the job then it’s good enough so I don’t need to spend loads of money on them. I expect I will one day, but for now I’m happy with these.

The first one I use for bronzer or blush. It is quite stiff and the least soft of my brushes but it seems to be the perfect size for contouring. 

The second brush is so bright and I love the way it looks. It is much softer than the first and it is the one I use for the pressed powder. It’s great for getting powder into the gaps that are more difficult; like around my nose.

The third is the one I use for highlighter and it is super soft as the product I use it with requires so little that it couldn’t have a tougher brush at all. 

Of the two eyeshadow brushes I have in my makeup bag at the moment, the first is slightly stiffer but still soft and great for precision as it is small and angled, so I often use it to line my lash line or shade the outer V, or highlight the inner corners. The other is more for larger areas of application and also blending. It’s really soft and great for this job as it is slightly rounded.

Clear Mascara: Natural Collection | Liquid Eyeliner: Natural Collection | Mascara: NYC | Kajal Eye Pencil: Avon

Any of you who watch my videos will know that I love Natural Collection products and I am forever raving about them. I think they may only be sold in the UK, but if you ever see them definitely try them out as they are amazing for the price.

I use the clear mascara to brush my brows into place and set them. I feel like any clear gel would do this job just as well so there isn’t much to say about that one, except that the brush applicator is really good at brushing my brows into place. I don’t fill my brows so this is the only product they ever have on them.

This eyeliner is my favourite makeup product EVER. I cannot live without it and it is just perfect. It is long-lasting, the applicator brush is easy to use, the formula is great for sensitive skin, I could go on and on. 

The mascara I’m currently using is great for adding volume to the eyelashes and I’ve stuck with it for quite a while, replacing it a fair few times. I do love it but I would be open to trying out new ones as I don’t think it’s quite perfect.

The eye pencil is just a simple kajal pencil. I find that kajal is so much easier to work with than kohl as it’s softer and easier to blend. It also doesn’t pull at the skin so much. I use it quite a bit for my waterline.


Encased Sharpener: The Body Shop | Sharpener: Unknown | Concealer: Collection – 13 Natural Beige | Concealer: Natural Collection – Fair | Tweezers: Unknown

There isn’t much to say about sharpeners and tweezers as they are very functional items that re always the same. However I will say that these tweezers are really efficient and grippy and they also look really pretty and cute. Also, having an encased sharpener is great for on the go or travelling as it is just so much more convenient.

The first concealer I use only in the summer when I’m slightly more tanned. The second is my preferred one and is slightly lighter so I use it in the winter and to highlight in the summer. They both have a really nice and creamy texture but the second one is softer than the first. 

Palette: NYC | Loose Shadow: Barry M | Pressed Shadow: Natural Collection | Mirror: Unknown

This pressed eyeshadow is such a pretty silvery shade; perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. It looks much darker in the pot than it does when it’s applied. It is quite sheer but very shimmery and pretty.

The loose powder is a little messy so I don’t use it so often. It is black with gold glitter so it’s really pretty but quite bold and difficult to wear on most days; it is definitely more for evening looks. It can be difficult to handle when putting it on as there is often fall out. It also doesn’t like being blended much, it causes it to fall off sometimes.

This palette is so ideal for me for every day use. It is tailored for blue eyes, and the colours suit my eyes really well. There are four colours; deep purple, dark brown with gold glitter, light grey/brown/gold and pale gold. The former two are great for creating shadows in the outer V and the crease to widen the eyes and open them up, while the latter two are great for all over colour and pigment. The shadows are so pigmented and blend really well too. It also has a cream highlighter and primer. The highlighter is white with a slight iridescent shimmer and great for the inner corners of the eyes.

The mirror is just a tiny pocket mirror I’ve had for a long time. I’ve been using it since I started putting makeup on, so at least 7 years!


Pencil: No7 – 20 Nude | Pencil: MaxFactor – Red | Lipstick: 2true – Shade 6 | Lipstick: Maybelline – Pleasure Me Red | Lipbalm: Collection – Strawberry

Finally; lips! I have these two lip pencils for lining. One is red as that is my most frequently worn colour and the one that I tend to wear to events where I really don’t want the colour to bleed or run. This one from MaxFactor has a really creamy texture and is so easy to apply, the same can be said for the No7 one too. This No7 pencil is nude and such a nice colour that I sometimes wear it all over the lip with some clear gloss only. Nudes and pale pinks are my other frequently worn lipstick colours so this lip liner is perfect for outlining the lips for those.

The first lipstick is a gorgeous, deep berry colour. It also ha a matte finish. I love this colour in the autumn and winter time but it’s really wearable all year round. It is long lasting and has a lovely finish but it does take a while to dry. 

The other lipstick is red. It is my favourite colour to dress up any outfit and cheer up any day. This is one of my favourite red lipsticks but I’m not too sure about the finish of it. I find that this one can bleed a little if it isn’t outlined and blotted. However the actual colour is gorgeous and really pigmented.

Lastly; the lip balm. This is a tinted lip balm which I got for free as part of an offer so I thought I may as well try it. I like the bright pinky tint it gives to the lips and how moisturising it is but I would prefer to use a bold lipstick instead of this. It is, in my opinion, too bright to be a sheer product and can look odd. I do like it but it has to be applied quite thinly and so I prefer clear lip balms.
Wow! That was a long blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and congratulations on reaching the end! Check out my video too by visiting my channel.

Love xx

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