The Final Look
Hey everyone! I’ve been obsessing over my nails a lot recently so I thought I’d share another nail tutorial with you. 
BlueSky Nail Polish

For the base coat I used the BlueSky base coat and then two layers of the BlueSky neon pink shade of nail varnish and finally the BlueSky top coat. BlueSky is a gel nail polish so each layer has to be set in a UV lamp nail machine. I will do a review on gel nails sometime soon as I’m totally in love with them! 


Allura Nail Gems
For the gem pattern I used these gems in gold and lilac from the Allura Nail Gems set (which was only a pound!).  I applied the nail gems using dabs of normal clear nail varnish after the second layer of colour was set and then set them in place by applying the top coat over them and the whole nail. 
The Final Pattern

For each nail on the left hand I applied a lilac nail gem between two gold nail gems in a flower petal sort of pattern in the bottom right hand corner of each nail. For the ring finger and thumb I also applied a semicircle of alternating coloured gems halfway up the left side of the nail. 


The Thumb Pattern
On the thumb in the centre of the semicircle I also applied a small pale green gem to fill in the gap.

I’m so pleased with how these nails turned out and it’s so easy to do, but so effective. 
Love xx

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