Outfit of the Day

Hey everyone! Yet another outfit of the day post. I’ve gone pretty laid back today with these really cute jeans with motifs and a unicorn crop top. I rave about these boots all the time but they are seriously so comfy and easy to wear around all day despite having heels. I’m loving high waisted jeans and I don’t wear jeans that aren’t high waisted anymore so these are perfect for me. My staple go-to outfit is definitely to shove on a pair of high waisted jeans and a cute crop top. 

Where it’s all from:

Crop Top – The Ragged Priest

Jeans – The Ragged Priest X Lazy Oaf

Boots – New Look


Love xx
Twitter: @laurel_lizabeth

Instagram: @laurel_elizabethh_

LookBook: lookbook.nu/laurelelizabeth

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCf7Gb-zOxmdcfVweLGADaYQ

Feels: http://feels.com/laurelelizabeth


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