Hey everyone!

You may have seen my YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD7gMtfxNL0) about my recent Boohoo haul and I put a lookbook together at the end and these are those outfits. I hope you like them!

Shirt - Boohoo Jeans - H&M Shoes - Truffle via Amazon
Shirt – Boohoo
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Truffle via Amazon

This outfit is perfect for everyday, casual wear. I love shirts, especially cropped shirts so I can wear them in a more casual way with high-waisted jeans. This would also go great with a plain jumper, which would be a great way to add colour to this very monochrome outfit. Also these shoes are just perfect; they are so comfortable but a little different and also they make my feet look so small! I would definitely wear this for everyday wear but if you switched out the jeans for some black slacks or similar smarter, tailored trousers and possibly even added a blazer then it’d be really smart for work.

Croptop - New Look Trousers - Boohoo Heels - Kurt Geiger
Croptop – New Look
Trousers – Boohoo
Heels – Kurt Geiger

This outfit is possibly my favourite if I’m honest. I LOVE these trousers; they are so unbelievably comfortable, yet they are tailored, slim-fitting and (probably most important to me) long – finally some trousers that fit. I also love the fun print that brightens up an otherwise plain outfit. This is quite a smart and chic outfit that could be worn out quite easily or even to work. As it is getting a little cooler I’d add a lime or black blazer too. These heels are just perfect and the lime soles of them add a nice touch to tie in with the colours on the trousers too.

Croptop - Boohoo Skirt - New Look Heels - Boohoo
Croptop – Boohoo
Skirt – New Look
Heels – Boohoo

This outfit is a little more grunge/gothic. This croptop is so cute and I love the print on it and also it is so soft. To keep the outfit tough I added a leather skater skirt and some chunky patent heels. With my currently dark hair it brings quite a tough vibe while still being feminine due to the heels and style of the skirt. This is a great outfit to wear on a night out but could also be worn during the day with a chunky cardigan and black tights if you switched the heels for flats.

Blazer - New Look Bralette - Boohoo Disco Pants - Boohoo Heels - New Look
Blazer – New Look
Bralette – Boohoo
Disco Pants – Boohoo
Heels – New Look

For this outfit I started by using the disco pants to create a casual vibe, then added the bralette and pointed heels to dress the look up a little. To add some colour and add a smart/casual edge I added this lime blazer that is oversized and more slouchy. I definitely love having some colour in a more casual look. To make the look even more casual the heels could be switched out for some white sneakers or other flats.

Top - Next Skirt - Boohoo Socks - M&S Boots - TK Maxx
Top – Next
Skirt – Boohoo
Socks – M&S
Boots – TK Maxx

I have had my eye on a skirt like this for ages but have struggled to find one that fitted and I absolutely fell in love with this one. It’s a little different because the buttons are off-centre, but that’s something that I love about this piece. I wanted this to be the central piece and everything else to be quite plain so I paired it with a long-sleeved, plain, white top and some white over-the-knee socks. Finally for a casual autumnal vibe I added my dark brown knee-high boots. To dress this look up a little I would switch the white top for a black one, add some black tights and some heeled boots instead of flats.

Dress - Boohoo Heels - New Look
Dress – Boohoo
Heels – New Look

Finally we come to the party dress. This dress is a gorgeous plum colour and I love that you can see the heels underneath as well as I am definitely a shoe person and if you’re going to go through the pain of wearing heels then you should have them seen and appreciated right? These shoes compliment any outfit really with their plain black silhouette and pointed toe, but the gold bar across the top of the toes adds something interesting and elegant, instantly dressing the outfit up. To dress the outfit down (which is something I might do for a holiday somewhere warm) I would switch the heels out for flat sandals and wear some cute floral hair accessories.

I hope you enjoyed all these outfits and check out my YouTube channel!

Love xx

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One thought on “25.10.15

  1. I love all these looks, and you have given me loads of confidence to show off my bralettes too! Not something I would normally do. 🙂

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