Hi everyone!

As the weather gets colder, my style gets darker and edgier and this is a look that definitely shows that.

Where it’s all from:

Necklaces – Urban Outfitters
Jumper – H&M
Dress – Dolls Paris at Ark
Watch – Emporio Armani
Boots – Topshop
Rings – Vintage

The combination of dark colours, silver hardware and accessories makes this look tougher and edgier while staying girly and feminine with a dress. The dress is really gorgeous with a navy velvet fabric that has lots of dots of subtle glitter that sparkles in the light. The jumper cuts off in just the right place to keep my waist smaller and I just threw on some black tights to keep my legs warm. The boots are ridiculously comfy and are currently something I’m really wearing to death. I just love the studding and buckle details as they add subtle yet toughening elements. The necklaces just add more interest to the top half of the outfit to balance out the studding detail on the boots and also the fact I’m wearing rings. I frequently forget to mention my rings as I wear them almost all the time, and some of them I do wear all the time, but they add a personal touch to any outfit in a subtle way.

This look is perfect for dressing up or down; which we all know is something I’m a massive fan of. We’ve all known the rush of getting ready post-daytime events and pre-nighttime events, for example a lot of my friends organise birthday things on a Friday night and I don’t finish uni ’til half 6 and it’s half an hours drive home on a Friday because of traffic and then I usually have to get to wherever I’m going by 8, so with usually only half an hour to get ready I have to come up with time-saving outfits. The dress on its own is perfect for wearing out with friends on a night out, and with a jumper is easily a daytime outfit so it’s perfect for one of those quick change outfits. With this outfit I changed up the jumper for a black blazer and the flat boots for some heeled ones to go out and also added some dark lipstick and touched up my makeup. It means I can ready in a complete rush and still look like I spent at least an hour on getting ready.

I hope this post helped you for ideas of how to go from day-to-night in a rush and also I hope you liked the outfit!

Love xx

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Feels: feels.com/laurelelizabeth


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