Hey everyone!

I said I would be doing some more posts on fitness and healthy lifestyle things so I’m going to start off by talking about what’s in my gym bag. I do a session in the gym every day, but these sessions change a lot depending on the day. Sometimes I’m just doing a run on the treadmill and then stretching, sometimes I’m doing weights or circuits, and sometimes I just go in to do yoga and stretching as I don’t really have enough space at home.

So when I go to the gym I pack all the things I need into my backpack. This is a backpack I’ve had for ages and use for all my sports activities and just change what I have in it.

I keep some of my smaller essentials in the front pocket:

  • A pound coin – for the lockers
  • My house keys
  • Car keys – with my gym band attached
  • Mirror – to check/do my makeup at the end of the session
  • Makeup items – waterproof mascara, powder brush, pressed powder, clear mascara and a powder brush
  • Session cards – So I don’t need to take my phone in

I don’t always wear makeup to the gym but I often do as I’ll be coming from somewhere, or on my way to something as I have to fit my exercise sessions into a busy schedule and therefore take it as a stop-off on the way to university or the way home. I hate having my brows out of place and so I use clear mascara to just make sure they stay in place while I’m doing my workouts, and I put pressed powder on to stop myself shining quite so much. I have waterproof mascara because if you’re going to be sweating then you don’t want it to run (and also if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes like I do). I have all my sessions written out on cards so that I can use the giant paperclip to attach it to my water bottle and I don’t have to take my phone in with me as exercise time is me-time.

I keep everything else that I need in the main pocket and I am going to talk about these items in groups to make it a little more organised!

For getting ready after a session:

  • Towel – for drying after a quick shower
  • Body wash – for showering
  • Dry shampoo – to give my hair a quick refresh
  • Deodorant
  • Body spray and perfume
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Makeup bag
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Makeup Removal Wipes
  • Moisturiser

I’m often on my way to university when I go to the gym in the morning so I have to take everything I want to be wearing all day with me but I will probably have spare gym clothes too as I often do more than one session a day, I mean, who wants to wear the same clothes they worked out in at 7am until they leave at 6:30pm? I like to have a quick shower and just rinse off and wash before getting dressed, so I take a towel and some body wash that smells refreshing to make me feel even more awake. I also take a makeup bag so that I can do my full makeup for the day before leaving the gym. After my shower, but before putting on my makeup I clean off whatever makeup I still have on my face with a makeup removal wipe (I use the Superdrug wipes for sensitive skin) and then use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad to refresh my skin. I also moisturise and I’m currently using the Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care Moisturiser. I use body spray and perfume as usual and I have the Superdrug own brand body spray in Starlight and the Hugo Boss Femme perfume currently. To refresh my hair I take some dry shampoo with me too as I don’t like washing my hair in the morning as it takes AGES to dry and especially during the winter I don’t like it to dry in the coldness and windiness of the weather.

For in the gym and other essentials:

  • Water bottle
  • Headphones
  • iPod
  • Wallet
  • Foam roller

So I don’t have my phone with me in the gym I use my iPod (which is getting a little old now!), which is a nano with the clip on the back, making it the perfect iPod for the gym. I have a bag to keep my headphones safe and I also keep my iPod in there too. I have both in-ear (from Apple) and on-ear (from AKG) headphones as I prefer on-ear headphones generally, but they are near on impossible to keep on your head if you’re jumping around or doing yoga and turning upside-down every few minutes, so for those types of sessions I use my in-ear headphones instead. Of course when doing sport you need to keep hydrated and I use this Karrimor water bottle as it holds just the right amount of water for one session for me and also has this convenient loop to attach my keys and session card to. At the end of every session I like to use a foam roller to help with the muscle pain and ease out any knots I may have and I like to use my own so I take it with me. Finally I also take my wallet with me because I never go anywhere without it and I need to renew my membership every so often.

So that’s everything I take with me to the gym! It seems like quite a lot now that I’m actually writing it down but it’s not really that much, and I don’t take all of this stuff every day as I’m not always going to wear makeup and sometimes I go straight home and so have a shower there instead and don’t need a change of clothes. What do you take to the gym?

Love xx

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