Hey everyone!

So today I thought I’d share a recent makeup look with you; it’s the one I was wearing in yesterday’s outfit post and it’s a little different to my usual makeup look in that it’s a little darker, bolder and more gothic and I’m completely in love with this gradient lips look too.

So this is the final look and if you want to know all the products I used then keep reading:


Base Products:


  • Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser
  • Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

I first applied the moisturiser and then the post shave balm to act as a primer. Once I’d finished applying it I waited for it to sink in a little and go slightly tacky before applying makeup to my eyes. I decided to apply my eye makeup first so that I could clear up any fallout before applying the rest on my makeup.

The Eyes:


  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm
  • Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 1
  • NYC Individual Eyes Palette for Blue Eyes


  • Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 1 – Shade: Lightest
  • EcoTools Eye Shading Brush

I first applied the lightest shade from this palette all over my lids to create a matte base and make the other eyeshadows pop. As it is mainly just a base layer I wasn’t worried about being too neat with this at all.


  • NYC Individual Eyes Palette for Blue Eyes – Shade: Highlighter
  • EcoTools Flat Liner Brush

I wanted to brighten the inner corners of my eyes up a lot so I applied this highlighter in a harsh line around my inner corners. I blended it out a little at the edges but I really wanted an opaque line.


  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm – Shade: Electric Storm
  • Superdrug Pro:13 Brush

This blue is one of my favourite eyeshadows ever as it is just so gorgeous. For this look I blended this in a rough line along my crease to act as a transition colour. I also pulled it down from the outer edge of the crease to the outer corner of my eye and blended again.


  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm – Shade: Blackout
  • Superdrug Pro:13 Brush

To darken the outer corners of my eyes and to make my eyes seem bigger I first applied this along the line that joins the outer corner of my eye and the outer point along the crease (following the blue in the previous step). I applied it by patting in on and then blended it slightly towards the inner corner to widen the line and also along the crease, further than the rest of the black, but not as far as the blue so that it can still be seen. This line is thinner than the blue to keep that visible behind.


  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm – Shade: Snow Storm
  • Superdrug Pro:11 Brush

I patted on this light and iridescent shade along the visible matte base colour from the first shadow step and then used this brush also to blend that light colour seamlessly into the black and blue.


  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm – Shade: Snow Storm
  • ModelsOwn Flat Shadow Brush

Using the same colour from the previous step I took this smaller brush to apply the colour to the inner corners of my eyes to set that highlight from before. I will also use this brush and colour to later add some touches of highlight to my face.


  • NYC Kohl Eyeliner Pencil – Shade: White
  • Avon Kajal Liner – Shade: Black
  • EcoTools Flat Liner Brush
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eye Lines Eyeliner – Shade: Black

I applied the white liner to my waterline to open up my eyes and make them seem bigger again and the black liner along my lower lash line from the outer corner to just further than halfway along my eye. I made the liner thicker towards the outer corner also and then used the brush to blend it out a little and make it less harsh at the edges. To line my upper lash line I used liquid liner and did a line and flick; following the edge made with the eyeshadow. I then went back to the brush and blended the lower liner to meet up with the liquid liner, being careful not to smudge the liquid liner.



  • EcoTools Concealer Brush
  • Natural Collection Coverstick – Shade: Fair
  • EcoTools Foundation Brush
  • Miss Sporty So Clear Anti-Spot Coverstick – Shade: 01 Light

After using the Garner Micellar Cleansing Water and a cotton pad to clear up any fallout from my eyeshadow I reapplied the Post Shave Balm to any places that had been cleaned up and waited for it to go slightly tacky again before taking the concealer brush and the Miss Sporty concealer and taking the concealer from the tube on the brush I applied this in any areas I get redness (around my nostrils and any blemishes) and also under my eyes. I then blended this in carefully before taking the Natural Collection concealer and taking it from the tube with my foundation brush and applying it around the centre of my face (down and around my nose, under my eyes, and also on my chin).



  • Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit – Shade: Fair
  • Collection Bronze Glow Shimmering Bronzer – Shade: Medium
  • EcoTools Angled Brush
  • ModelsOwn Powder Brush
  • EcoTools Shadow Brush
  • Unknown Powder Brush

I began by using the darker shade in the Seventeen kit and used the angled brush to apply it under my cheekbones and the shadow brush to apply it down the sides of my nose. I then used the angled brush to begin blending on my nose and continued using the ModelsOwn brush on both my nose and cheeks until blended. To darken my contour and add some warmth to my face I used the bronzer and the remaining powder brush to apply a little of the product right at the outer edge of my contour line, slightly up and onto my temples, and finally along my jawline.



  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Shade: 003 Peach Glow
  • ModelsOwn Powder Brush

I used the powder brush to apply the pressed powder all over my face, but avoiding the tops of my cheekbones. This blends my contour with the rest of my face and makes sure it is not too dark.



  • Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter – Shade: Peach Lights
  • Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals
  • Superdrug Powder Brush

I first took the shade Platinum from the Sleek palette and applied this using my finger along my cheekbones and blended in to create a light shimmer. I then set this using the powder brush to apply the baked highlighter over the top and also just above the highest arches of my brows, down my nose and chin.



  • Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 1
  • EcoTools Brow and Lash Groomer
  • Natural Collection Lashcare Mascara – Shade: Clear
  • EcoTools Angled Liner Brush

I began by brushing my brows into place using the bristled side of the groomer and then took the chocolate brown shade from the Revolution palette and filled in my brows using the angled liner brush. I finally set them using the clear mascara.



  • No.7 Lash Curlers
  • Seventeen Va Va Voom Waterproof Volume Mascara – Shade: Black
  • NYC Big and Bold Volume by the Lash Mascara – Shade: Extra Black
  • NYC Big and Bold 24hr Mascara – Shade: Extra Black

I first checked that my liquid liner by gently patting it with my finger and then curled my lashes using the No.7 curlers. For mascara I first applied the Volume by the Lash mascara; one coat only, then one coat of the 24hr mascara, one coat of the Va Va Voom mascara, and repeat with the 24hr mascara and Va Va Voom mascara once more.



  • MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner – Shade: Berry Wine
  • ModelsOwn Lip Brush
  • MaxFactor Lipstick – Shade: Scarlet Ghost 720
  • Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick – Shade: 2 Scorned


I began by using the purple eyeliner to line my lips as it was the closest in colour that I have. I then used the darker shade to do the outer corners of my top and bottom lips. I used the lip brush to line the central edges of my lips with the darker colour and define any edges. Finally I filled the remaining central section of my lips in with the lighter colour, blending the two colours together to create a gradient effect. To give myself a little more highlight (as mentioned earlier) I then went back into the Snow Storm eyeshadow and applied a little to the tip of my nose, under the arches of my brows and on my cupids bow.

The Final Look:



So that’s the entire look and this one took me a while but I really enjoyed playing with all the makeup products and creating this amazing gothic look with big eyes and the gradient lips are just amazing. I would definitely do this again as I just love the way it looks; especially in photos.

Love xx

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Feels: feels.com/laurelelizabeth


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