Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend! I have been doing a lot of training and fitness sessions recently which inevitably involves a lot of going to the gym and I frequently find that I don’t want to wear different clothes all day before going to the gym and just want to be comfortable but look good in my sports clothes. This is an outfit I have taken to wearing variations of a lot recently as I don’t wear my jumper in the gym and just have to wear a sports bra under the jumper then switch the jumper with a vest at the gym. So here is a semi-sporty, semi-daywear outfit I have been loving:


Where it’s all from:

  • Jumper – H&M
  • Sports Leggings – Forever21
  • Trainers – Karrimor

I am completely in love with these leggings as they are amazingly comfortable and easy to move in but look so cool with the mesh panelling of different textures and the way that they have been designed to be perfect for sport without falling into the unfashionable category that sadly much sportswear ends up falling into and you never want to be seen anywhere in it unless it’s the gym (and even then you’re not sure). I made sure my big hair tie was the same colour as my jumper (which is gorgeous) and finally added some trainers. The jumper helps to keep me warm throughout the day and is quite flattering in length too as it comes to just above my hips in a long-crop sort of style. It’s pretty fitted on the arms (which personally I like) but a little looser on the body to allow easy movement. I went for my pink and black trainers today which are so cute and girly without being overpoweringly so. I love the choice of designs from Karrimor and they are also amazing value and really good for support I find. This particular pair is from the kids section so I think they are a little more difficult to find if you need trainers bigger than a size 4, but if you have small feet they have amazing trainers in the kids section and they look the same as the adults and I actually found they were comfier! This look is obviously for a more active day of errand running and going to the gym but the jumper is totally versatile because of the length of it and can easily be worn with more dressed up outfits too.

Love xx

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