Hey everyone!

This outfit is one that is great for when it’s warming up a little and you’re bored of wearing jeans or tights but don’t want to go bare-legged yet. It has still been a little damp and rainy on and off so I’m wearing a hat to keep my hair dry too.

Where it’s all from:

  • Hat – Pretty Little Thing
  • Jumper – H&M
  • Skirt – New Look
  • Socks – H&M
  • Boots – Primark

I’ve gone for a deep red to add colour to my outfit here as I often wear just black and it’s nice to sometimes wear something a little brighter. The hat and jumper match beautifully and to keep it casual I’ve just slightly tucked the jumper into the skirt at the front. The textures of the skirt and boots also tie in nicely as they are both faux leather. The jumper is pretty thin and keeps me warm enough as the weather begins to turn, as do the socks. I finally tied the look together by wearing some deep red lipstick, matching it with the hat and jumper. This is a pretty everyday look for me, perfect for wandering around town and doing some shopping or meeting up with friends for a coffee. I also wear this kind of outfit to university quite a lot, but usually I would wear a coat and take an umbrella instead of wearing the hat. To dress the look up I would switch the socks for some black tights and the flat boots for some heeled ones, and maybe add some dainty necklaces layered up too. This look is already pretty dressed down for me, but to dress it down further you could switch the skirt and long socks for some black jeans.

Love xx

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