11.04.16 – Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks

Hey everyone!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually reviewed just one product in a post before and I’m not sure why, but here goes. I’ve been drooling over matte lipsticks for ages and I’ve tried so many and mostly they just don’t make the cut when it comes to the matte aspect, so I decided it was time to change tactics and go for something different; liquid lipsticks. I’ve been hesitant to try liquid lipsticks as I’ve heard they’re really drying from some people and that they’re impossible to apply from others and many other things that made me hesitate, but I finally decided to take the plunge and purchased these three by Sleek. They are from their ‘Matte Me’ collection and I am so impressed.

The three shades I have decided to try are a gorgeous red called ‘Fired Up’ (because I feel you always need more reds), a pinky/purple toned one called ‘Velvet Slipper’, and a coral/dusty rose shade called ‘Bittersweet’.



This actually turns out a pretty deep dusty pink colour with basically no hint of the coral tones I had originally thought would be there, but it becomes a deeper and enhanced shade of my natural lips, which I absolutely love. I didn’t manage to take any decent photos when I was wearing this one so I won’t put in a terrible one that doesn’t do it justice, but it has amazing lasting capacity and is probably the best of the three at lasting (but not by much).

‘Velvet Slipper’

This one turns out the most gorgeous deep purple with a dusty kind of look. This one is so gorgeous and has some amazing wearability too, but I did notice cracking in the corners of the mouth that weren’t really visible at all unless you pout. I have seen this colour around a lot recently and I can see why people are loving wearing it, especially if you have blue eyes as it really seems to compliment mine.


‘Fired Up’

As I’ve said before, you can never go wrong with a red and this is my new favourite by far. I have been searching for the perfect matte red for ages and I’ve had some brilliant ones, but this blows them all out of the water it just looks so incredible. This lipstick did wear a little at the centre of the lower lip after eating, but in all honesty it was only real noticeable to be because I was looking for issues and nobody else noticed, or could tell when I asked.


Road-Testing and Overall Thoughts

ONE: Application:

This was actually quite tricky for me and I don’t know if that’s because I have so little experience applying liquid lipsticks, but I’m usually pretty good at getting my regular lipstick decent the first time around. I did line my lips in the end with the red and purple colours, but that really wasn’t necessary with the pink. The applicator in the tube is pretty rubbish and deposits excess product at the edges which is a nightmare, so I used it just to apply to the centre of my lips and used a lip brush for the edges. It did require a second coat to not look patchy with all three colours, but after a second coat it looked perfect and stayed that way all day. Also, despite the applicator being a bit rubbish it was really soft and nice to use, it just didn’t work for the details.

TWO: Durability:

I found all of these pretty durable and nobody saw any problems with it after I’d eaten and it even did well in the mug test (photos below), which is important to me as I drink a lot of tea and coffee and am almost never without one or the other. The purple did crack a little in the corners of my mouth, but I guess that is to be expected and you couldn’t see it unless I was seriously pouting so really it made little difference. They last through most of my daily activities; such as talking, snacking, drinking from a mug, drinking with a straw, but they were a little less impressive when it came to eating things like sandwiches. The only issue was actually biting into things causing flaking on the centre of the lips but I had no issues eating off a fork.


THREE: The Formula and Drying:

One of my main concerns was how drying these products would be and I won’t lie; they feel dry at first if you’re not used to this kind of thing, and as someone who frequently just applies lip balm and that’s it, this was pretty different for me. The actual formula is a dream: it’s smooth and creamy so it doesn’t run everywhere and feels amazing when it’s being applied. It leaves a smooth finish that is not at all lumpy or uneven and actually when taken off I didn’t feel any need to slather on the lip balm, my lips just felt normal.

FOUR: Removal:

It took some time to get this off as I didn’t want to scrub my lips and irritate them, so I put micellar cleansing water on a round cotton pad and placed it on my lips for a couple of minutes and it was still kind of stubborn, but I’ve had more issues with waterproof eyeliner. Also this lipstick is completely unaffected by water, it is so waterproof that I couldn’t even smudge it with water.


I would seriously recommend these to everyone, they are gorgeous, long-lasting, non-drying and just a complete dream for me who frequently smudges her lipstick by leaning on her hands, or getting her hair stuck in it. I’m not sure about worldwide availability, but I bought mine in Superdrug for just £4.99 each, and they were 3 for 2 at the time as well. They have a gorgeous range of colours and I may end up buying a few more myself!

Love xx

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6 thoughts on “11.04.16 – Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks

  1. I went in to superdrug and wanted to buy these but wasn’t sure if they were good or not so I left it- will definitely be buying after reading this so thank you! Great post 🙂

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