Hey everyone!

I have been wearing blue jeans a lot recently to bridge the gap between the Winter and Summer months. I find that blue jeans just have that softer edge because they aren’t devoid of colour like black jeans are, but they are still nice and warm. These ones are some of my favourite as the have the rolled up ends to make them look cropped; which brings them more into the warmer weather, and I’ve gone for a white top and pale cream cardigan to keep it pale and bring it even more into the Summer. Also the looser fit of the jeans makes them a little more casual too.


Where it’s all from:

  • Cardigan – Topshop
  • Top – New Look
  • Belt – Boohoo
  • Jeans – Soviet
  • Shoes – New Look

Version 2

I like to wear heels quite a lot as most of my friends are quite a bit taller than I am and that just seems like the perfect excuse to wear them more than I otherwise would! These little t-bar numbers have a great block heel that is super comfortable to wear all day and they are all enclosed and not going to fall off, but the t-bar detail makes them a little more interesting, cute and feminine. The jeans are nice and casual to oppose the heels making the look smarter, but the belt (which is my current favourite as it is just so cool!) helps to smarten them a little more and add a bit more interest and a slightly tougher edge. I tried to keep the belt as a minor focal point and keep the rest of the look pretty simple, so I went with a white cropped top and a pale cream cardigan to put over the top when it’s cold. If it were warmer I’d drop the cardigan, take my hair down, and switch the heels for some strappy heeled sandals; probably still in black but you could go for nude or another neutral colour instead.

If heels aren’t your thing then wear some cute flats instead; you could even make it super casual by wearing some sneakers. To dress the look up you could switch the heels for some black heeled sandals, and change up the cardigan for a black blazer.

Love xx

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