Hey everyone!

I can’t believe how cold it’s gotten all of a sudden. We’ve been so used to lovely weather and it being pretty mild considering the time of year but there is a definite chill in the air now and the time has arrived when I am forced to scrape frost off the car before I can drive it in the morning.

This outfit does not reflect that turn in weather but I decided to post it anyway because it has been a recent favourite of mine and it was too much of a favourite not to really. I’ve always been a plain trousers kind of girl and have been very attached to my black super skinny jeans (which are so well loved they are no longer black), so it came as a bit of a surprise when I found myself really wanting to buy patterned trousers, but it happened and I’m glad I went for it because I love this look so much.

Version 2

Where it’s all from:

  • Croptop – H&M
  • Trousers – Forever21
  • Heels – New Look
  • Lipstick – L’Oréal Color Riche – 461: Scarlett Creme


Version 2

I have always found it hard to find trousers that fit because I take a small size and have no hips to speak of, but have long legs and have done a lot of sport for years so my legs aren’t exactly skinny. I have struggled with the length of trousers and have found that mostly I need to go for something that can have the ankles rolled up to make it look intentional, but also I will only wear high-waisted trousers because I feel this style suits me best; but this has only added to my struggles of finding trousers I can wear. These trousers are a little shorter than they were supposed to be but they fit perfectly in every other way and the fabric is so soft. For someone who is not used to patterns and loves a good black and white look they have a fairly subtle pattern and the lack of colour makes them not too ‘out-there’ for me. The loose fit around the hips disguises the fact that I have none and makes me look like I have more curves than I do (yay!). As I felt the trousers were the statement of this look I paired it with a plain black croptop and then added some of my favourite heels at the moment – which are conveniently also black and white. The whole look was tied together perfectly for me and I added a little drama with some red lipstick to set the look aside from a casual office look and make it into a date night outfit.

The rest of the makeup was kept really simple with just a little mascara to keep the look a little more sophisticated, but for more of a night-out look I’d go for a bold eye instead of a bold lip and to keep the cold off a little a blazer can easily be added. To dress the look down I’d drop the red lipstick and opt for a nude instead and add a slightly oversized black jumper with the front tucked into the trousers a little to create a high-low effect, and switch the heels for some black ballet pumps.

I hope you love this look as much as I do!

Love xx

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